On April 14, 2000 in Indianapolis, IN

SUBterror and Azure Records force you into:

SUBmission (...cuz it's Shiva's birthday!!!!)

DJs: IMPERIAL SOUND SYSTEM (Hook & Pull Team-Louisville): Drum & Bass that will put disgrace to all the sukka'z up in this place. Come to be schooled, or don't come at all.

THE UNKNOWN MYSTERY DJ (???-undisclosed location): We're bringing this amazing talent to Indy for the sheer joy of seeing DJ Shiva go apeshit! Who could it be?

DJ SHIVA (SUBterror/The Goddess Complex-Indy): The birthday girl herself will be serving a hefty dose of ass smashin' techno. Hold on to your ears...they're gonna bleed!

MATT BANDY (SUBterror/Aliensquad-Lexington): The Midwest's pimp daddy of house and techno. Smoother than ya momma'z buttermilk pancakes and sweeter than ya momma'z...uhhh...nevermind.

ADAM JAY (SUBterror/Azure Records-Indy): Azure's CEO gets down right deep fried and funkalicious. Stompin' techno for those without pacemakers.

VARSHA (SUBterror/PTLF-Bloomington): Mind melting goa trance for the sukka'z that need schoolin'. Common side effects are short-term memory loss, double vision and an itch to dance.

$7 at the door - Doors open at midnight

Location is The Purple Underground (and we're bringing extra sound to make yer ears bleed)

DRUGS AND THUGGERY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! If we can party sober, so can you!!!

This will be a lowkey, inexpensive, intimate evening with some damn good music. Plan to have fun!

for more info and directions, call:

Azure Records 317.767.5962

SUBterror / The Goddess Complex 317.335.MIXX


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