DJ Shiva - founder and resident anarchist dyke freak techno dj...


Adam Jay- slammin' techno dj & CEO of Azure Records whose techno production will soon be found on a turntable near you


Matt Bandy - deep house souldier with the heart of a techno purist


Gizzmo - scratch scratch wiggedy wiggety west coast drum n bass


J Cross - infiltrating the midwest with smooth UK drum n bass


JOHNb - our master of eclectism supplying beats and media support from the birthstate of techno


DJ 99 - afrobrazilianfunkadelicnujazzbeats...mmm-mmm good


Douglas Wayne- taken over by the dark side, electro reigns supreme in this SUBterrorist's crate


there are more of us...don't ya wish ya knew...


more soon...