---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---

JOHNb - SUBterror agent codename -inVOLVe-

Age: 26

Present Location: Unknown (has been spotted in the company of other SUBterrorists, but actual base of operations is as of yet undiscovered)

Common Aliases: Fenris, Sound God, Design Geek, and the Pixy Stix Kid.

SUBterrorist activities: Recruitment, Computer Support, Propaganda Generation, Technical Advisor, etc.

Bio: He has infiltrated many other known subversive groups and utilized their resources to indoctrinate many with the SUBterror message. He has used these associations to strategically place other SUBterrorists where their message has been heard by thousands of impressionable youths. He has been an active participant in the "TECHNO/RAVE™" scene for years, and although he has recently departed from our known contact points, our sources inform us that he is gathering resources for a renewed attack upon the Status Quo. Although he has not yet personally released any SUBterror agitprop, he has been key in the publication and distribution of many SUBterrorists' efforts, including Scenes from Dystopia, Phonographic Memory, and many other SUBterror publications currently in distribution via print, tape, and the web.

Special Considerations: Do NOT underestimate this agent. His relaxed demeanor and appearance may lead you to discount his capacities, but we assure you, he is well trained in a wide variety of fields, and ruthless when confronted by those opposing his cause. In addition, the assistance and support he has provided to those around him during his decade in the "TECHNO/RAVE™" scene has earned him a degree of loyalty from his friends that others are hard pressed to match. If you face him, be assured that many will come to his defense. Also, beware his unique methods of musical manipulation--he does not adhere to any previously known styles of communication, and will use any possible combination of records, spoken word, and effects, as well as video, lighting, and other forms of expression to convey his message upon his listeners with the greatest possible impact.

Further intelligence on this agent can be found at Transmutagen