---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---


99 (stephanie)- SUBterror agent codename- inVESTIGATOR

Age: older than my teeth, but not as old as my bones

Present Location: All the way from Philly, from the west part. I live in the space between seconds

Common Aliases: root@anais, root@isobel, root@ani, root@hypatia, etc

SUBterrorist activities: Ambassador at large. Swimming the sea between Midwest real and East coast real, between the hectic and the icy, big beats and little blips. Work to prove that grrrls can administer unix networks too and generally look cuter than their boi counterparts doing so. Constantly enforce the Circle Of Smartness: i.e., no stupidity in my personal space, or castration is sure to follow.

Bio: It all started in a cozy log cabin in rural Minnesota, nigh on 5 score years ago. That's all you get, honey.

Special Considerations: Consider the birds of the sky, the lillies of the field....

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