---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---

DJ Shiva - SUBterror agent codename -inSTIGATOR-

Age: 30

Present Location: Now infiltrating the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia (anywhere w/ turntables and like minds)

Common Aliases: Lisa Loud, that crazy dyke bitch, techno geek, loudmouth, *&%@#%@#%(yelled out of passing cars)

SUBterrorist Activities: Founding SUBterror member, Recruitment, Techno Propaganda Agent, Information gathering and (sometimes) website maintenance, Resident Shit-stirrer and debate magnet, Azure Records product tester and propaganda agent

Bio: After playing music and becoming involved as an activist in the PunkTM scene for several years, the inSTIGATOR found electronic music through such acts as Ministry, Coil, NIN, Foetus, Front 242, Throbbing Gristle and Nitzer Ebb to name but a few. Moving towards the Detroit techno sound, she found a new instrument in the turntable artistry of DJing and hasn't looked back since. Bringing the aggression and activism from the punk mindset into the hedonistic oblivion of the RAVE SCENETM, the inSTIGATOR's mission has been an uphill battle, but a satisfying one. Fighting the overwhelming ignorance of the rave scene, the hatred (racism, sexism & homophobia) layered under thick layers of PLURTM and bullshit, as well as battling for the recognition of female talents has kept her fighting skills honed. After 7 years of DJing in the RAVE SCENETM, she has finally found a small group of people who share her objective: to tear down the structures of commercialism and consumerism, and enjoy art unfettered by monetary concerns. To put this another way: the inSTIGATOR just wants to Fuck Shit Up.

Special Considerations: Stay clear of the speakers unless you are of a masochist slant. The inSTIGATOR has some shit that's gonna fuck you up...

See also: The Goddess Complex

HEAR THE CHAOS HERE (RealAudio of DJ Shiva's "Scenes from Dystopia")