---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---

Adam Jay - SUBterror agent codename -iNSET-

Age: 21

Present Location: Indianapolis, IN (as well as an internal location in the mind known as "geekitude").

Common Aliases: iNSET, geek, dork, crazy mutherfucker.

SUBterrorist activities: recruitment, 1/3 of supervision, supplying the crew with an excess of hard techno and constant geekery, supplying ample knowledge in the field of music production.

Bio: iNSET has taken advantage of several years of public music education and private instruction as well as feminist/anarchist/atheist education to participate in the founding of what is known as SUBterror. iNSET's private education has been used to conduct several private sociological and psychological experiments within what is termed "THE RAVE SCENETM" and thus he is commonly referred to as "crazy mutherfucker." Such experiments include "foreseeing the 5 steps in backing out of a lost argument," "finding the hidden soul in 'Groove 'la Chord'" and other useless findings. The average human is somewhat bewildered at the sight of iNSET's geekery. Phrases like "have him admitted" are not uncommon. However, the instant one takes this odd personality a bit too seriously is the instance upon which they are to be SUBverted.

Special Considerations: Do not make the mistake of considering the possibilities. Consider the impossibilities.

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