---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---

J Cross - SUBterror agent codename -inFILTRATOR-


Present location: Indianapolis, home of SUBterror, promoters with beef, and hicks with closed minds and open beers.

Common Aliases: Bertrum, The Court Jester, and sometimes people call me jackass.

SUBterrorist Activities: Attempted to infiltrate the government (attempt failed), supplying enough drum and bass to feed and entire country of rude boys, ringing up massive bills and all diners and food joints, and making fun of all people, no matter what social, political, or racial background (I'm not biased, because I consider ALL people dimwits).

Bio: Born in England, raised in the redneck capital of the nation Indianapolis, J. Cross seemed destined to live a life full of contempt for "all things dumb." His training in the harder side of things began with vegan/straightedge hardcore, and moved on to forms of jazz, hip-hop, and techno. Due to influence from family and friends back in the homeland, J. Cross was exposed to drum and bass. Fortunately, jump up was never his style (because "it is dumb") and he immediately moved on to the jazzier, darker side of things with his first purchase, Metalheadz "Platinum Breaks." Due to exposure of poorly handled mixes and tasteless tracks heard at RAVESTM, J. Cross decided to take DJing into his own hands and set his sights on world domination in the drum and bass market.

Special Considerations: Don't just stand there and watch the DJ, get your ass on the floor and dance.

See also: My balls.