---===---===--- Counter-Intelligence Report: ---===---===---


Gizzmo (Ben)- SUBterror agent codename- iNDOMANIAC -

Age- 21

Present Location: Hell, oops I mean Krackomo or wherever there's weed to be smoked.

Common Aliases: iNDOMANIAC, Gizzmo, Gizz, Chank Eyes, Pothead, that dude with the glasses, Shiva's record carrying bitch.

SUBterrorist activities: Keeping all members red-eyed, making sure D&B progresses, trainspotting, supplying a constant stream of funny BULLSHIT, and always suggesting that iNSET be admitted. Oh yeah, did I mention smokin out?

Bio: The whole Gizzmo revolution started about 5 years ago with my first exposure to Trent Reznor and NIN. As soon as I heard him I realized my calling, something loud and fast and MEAN. From there I started going to "RAVESTM" in the local area with the push of a friend named Dave. We went all over the Midwest and I heard a lot of different sounds, but there was one that went Wah wo wuh wuh wuh WOW wo wuh wo wuh wuh wuh, or something like that that caught my ear. I started spinning techno about 2 years ago and was hooked. Then I bought Origin Unknown "The Speed of Sound" and I was all of a sudden a junglist. After weening myself from the drug side of the RAVETM and moving to the music side of the RAVETM, I was introduced to this dyke techno bitch chick in Indy and well kids, the rest is NOW.

Special Considerations: 1)Don't get him wet, 2)Don't feed him after midnight, 3)don't bogart that joint, and 420)stay outta the way cause he's comin through chank eyed and crushing your heads.